About the Best Year Yet® Foundation

Creating Paths to Possibility
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Why the Best Year Yet® Foundation

The global mission of Best Year Yet® for decades has been to make the world a better place, one individual and organization at a time. We do that by inspiring and supporting an ever-growing community of people who are ready to produce the results that matter most and who then support and inspire others to do the same.

We have created the Best Year Yet Foundation because we know that not every individual, community, organization or country has the resources, will, or leadership to experience the dramatic shifts that are possible with Best Year Yet®. The Foundation’s purpose is to open new doors by bringing our proven system to those that would never otherwise have the access to and funding for this transformational work.

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What we do

We know that Best Year Yet® is universal, timeless and creates self-sufficiency that can be refined year-after-year. It is easy to use, low cost to implement, and creates immediate impact. Users discover their own resources and ability to empower themselves and each other to achieve results they want, live life at a higher level of purpose and engagement, and have a positive impact on the world around them.
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Who we serve

We work with underserved organizations and community impact projects worldwide that are committed to transformational work, both internally and in the lives of the youth and adult client populations they support.

How you can help

Help us bring Best Year Yet® to those that would never otherwise experience the power of what we do. Join us today as we launch the Best Year Yet Foundation. Make a contribution to join our founding donor community now!

Not only were we able to focus on big picture thinking and strategy, we were also able to set tangible, manageable

"stretch" goals that I know we WILL accomplish this coming year.  A bonus of the day was creating a paradigm shift internally, which will position us positively for years to come.

Angela Astle Founder | Exec. Director, The Athena Project

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There is nothing more powerful than aligning an empowering belief with the actions and priorities that matter most. Not only have I personally had my best year yet every year, but I have seen companies and organizations transform overnight. I could not be more proud or excited to launch the Best Year Yet Foundation and bring this transformational work to those who would never otherwise have access to it.

Aaron Cohen Exec. Director, Best Year Yet Foundation

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