Wish it were easier to stay in touch with your plan on the go? Now it is.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you have got to check out our new Best Year Yet® App! You can download it FREE from iTunes here. Poke around and see all the cool features you can use with your Best Year Yet® plan whenever you want, from wherever you are.

App_Landing_Page_Pic-1.pngDownload App for iPad here or for your iPhone in the App store.

Whether you already have a Best Year Yet® subscription or just want to check it out before you sign up, you can download the app at no cost today.  To see you own plan, sign in with your username and password. If you dont have a plan, there are free demo plans available, too, so you can see exactly how this app can help you stay focused, on track and in touch with your Best Year Yet® plan for the year -  the one that will help you create the life you really want to be living.

If you are an Android user, don't worry - we've got love for you, too.

Your app is in the works now and will be rolling out in the next several months. You can still use our online system in its mobile-friendly version on your tablet or smart phone, as well as on your computer or laptop!

Whatever it is - financial freedom, starting or growing a business, writing a book, balancing the personal and professional, living a life of purpose, making time for health and fitness, and any of the hundreds of other things that you want to do, but haven't for any number of reasons - quit dreaming it and start living it!