The Balance Issue and the Bottom Line

What happens to your performance when your best self is not in the game? Achieving results and thriving across all areas in business and life is not easy. Just ask your employees. And if they can’t give energy to what matters most to them, they are less engaged and effective at work. Work/life balance is a myth - everyone carries has spillover between the personal and professional. Creating balance in all areas of life is critical to having your employees bring their best selves to the job. Some recent statistics paint a clear picture:

  • 26% of employees plan to leave their employers withing the next 2 years.
  • 70% of millenials report not feeling engaged with their workplaces.
  • 87% of millenials rate development as important in a job.
  • Disengaged employees are estimated to cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $750 billion per year.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”
                                          ~ Doug Conant

What if you could make it simple and help them to clarify their priorities and produce results no matter what – in every role they play, year after year? With our proven framework, it is not only possible – the results speak for themselves.  

Once you see all the ways that employee disengagement is affecting your workplace culture and your bottom line, you can start to create a plan to turn things around and start getting the best from the talented staff you have worked so hard to assemble.

What's Next?

You need the right system to help your employees access their strengths, talents and skills in all areas of their lives - including work performance.  Best Year Yet® has two amazingly effective and affordable options to help you leverage the full power of your workforce for the results you want.

Live Your Life

Homepage tech section w app update.pngOur flagship program, Live Your Life has become the go-to program for people wanting a self-guided option for creating balance, wellness, and results in all areas of life and business. This self-paced learning experience guides participants through a series of questions to create a vision, learn from the past, set a powerful mindset and attitude for success, clarify values, establish a major area of focus and finally, choose their all-important “top 10” goals for the next 12 months. Once created, their plans will come to life with our online software, resources and mobile app for yearlong sustainability.

Raise the Bar

Taking our Live Your Life program to the next level, Raise the Bar is a facilitated group workshop for individuals. A dynamic process that balances organizational imperatives with individual priorities, this unique, blended learning experience guides participants through the Live Your Life process in a live group setting. Group interaction and sharing in combination with facilitator access throughout the workshop make this a powerful and impactful event, one that is effective as a team building tool as well. Employees and leaders will be more connected, engaged, productive and balanced as a result. 

What The Programs Are

Round Bus Trio RTB LP.png

• Dynamic, instructor-led 6.5 hour group or online individual self-paced workshop
• Delivered in-person or virtually (video guides for Live Your Life)
• Deployed for open enrollment groups or intact teams
• Includes activities, peer interaction and spot coaching (live monthly reviews for both programs)
• Online tools for yearlong implementation

• ADD-ONs: Intact team leader dashboards, coaching skills training, customized sustainability programs 

What Participants Get

phone app in hand.png• Highly-skilled facilitation and coaching (live or through video)
• A one-page individual annual plan built online in the workshop
  (plus their first month’s goals in Raise the Bar workshop)
• Instruction in using Producing Results Online® (PRO) to "play the game" and track progress
   from any device
• Yearlong subscription to Best Year Yet® Online including PRO software, smart phone app,
  audio lessons
 and additional learning resources
                                         • For Raise the Bar events, a workbook, a copy of Your Best Year Yet!
                                         • Sustainability program with monthly inspiration, mastery exercises and more

Raise the Bar on your employee engagement (and your results)

Contact us and see how we can help your business or organization win the battle for hearts and minds with your employees so that they can produce the results that matter most for themselves and for your bottom line.

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